Vorgang < back 1. Person A walks clockwise across the 4 squares in the circle and speaks the one or two sentences on each square as they appear on the cards. Listen briefly to each sentence. The accompanying person B repeats the sentence, but begins it with an "And ...“ (e.g. "And maybe you haven't really grasped the meaning of XYZ yet.") Or she asks: "What would be your first impulse here?" Three sets of cards are at your disposal for questions, but you can also get creative yourself. Don't linger too long on the 4 fields and don't tell long stories and explanations. It is not useful. You can also print out the playing field from the download area. Then you choose a figure from a board game or an everyday object, which stands as a figure for yourself. You move this one over the board while you speak the two sentences of the field and listen to them. 2. After one or 2 rounds, the people take turns until some new ideas and impulses come. 3. At a certain moment something can change and person A can feel qualitatively different. Maybe new meanings, feelings, thoughts and plans are created. If not, this may also come later as an after-effect or as an inspiration of the accompanying persons. < back