Prepare < back 1. It is not about creating something, but only about opening a small space for one moment inbetween the old concepts, thoughts, emotions and habits. Make one thing clear: Beyond all information and all prior knowledge you also have an inner knowledge and an inner wisdom that you can activate with this exercise. What wants to come from your inner source into consciousness? 2. Select a topic / a project / a period XYZ : ……………………………………… 3. Lay out or draw the utopia magic circle onto the floor. 4. If you are in a team, you can divide into groups of 3. Person A walks through the process, person B accompanies him. Person C makes sure that everyone is careful not to give advices or ask curious questions and that the process does not get too much stuck. 5. In the end the whole team comes together. All exchange ideas and perhaps experiment again together with the Utopia Magic Circle. 6. It is not unusual to feel more or less resistance at the beginning. It is possible to realize that you can surrender to this resistance after 10 minutes, while at the moment you just ignore it for a moment and experiment playfully. You will not lose anything that belongs to you, but you might get new perspectives, inspirations and impulses. If the resistance becomes too strong, you can also simply get out of the game. Everything is ok. There is no right or wrong. < back